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Hi I'm Olivia, A graphic design student from Glasgow Clyde College, I am 19 and have a strong passion for graphic design and love to excel in creativity. I am currently in my second year of HND Graphic Design and I am thoroughly enjoying it, I am a confident and hard working individual and love to express myself through the use of Graphic Design. My hobbies include music, keeping a healthy lifestyle and socialising with friends.



email- oconnorolivia4@gmail.com

phone- 07502229211


For these particular set of posters, I was given the word “Dusk” and show my interpretation of the noun, I had no barriers or specifications when designing these, I was free to explore whichever way I liked to produce these posters to show the word “Dusk”. I researched all different ways in which the word Dusk is perceived. From doing research I decided to go down the path of a supernatural nature, I wanted to give a creepy vibe to the overall design, I loved the idea of making it into a typographic design.


Dusk comes at end of twilight and after sunset, for me it represents darkness and nightfall, this is where I lead to my interpretation of including animals that come out at night, mainly those who are associated with a supernatural nature. I chose to go along with wolves as I felt that they were the best way to represent Dusk in the way I intended. I started by creating an illustration of a wolf and a wolf eye, I created this in illustrator and then went onto create the letters within the eye within illustrator using the clipping mask tool, I found this a quick and easy method when creating the letters. For the wording of “dusk” in the background of the wolf illustration I used photoshop to create alpha channels, this gave it a unique and effective overall look in the end, due to the gradient fading the word into the background and creating depth.


My posters main purpose was to highlight what happens at “Dusk” but in a supernatural kind of way with the use of wolves as they are universally recognised as a supernatural animal. When I hear the word "Dusk" I am immediately drawn to supernatural topics including night fall and those showing that of a scary or intense atmosphere, as I feel like these types of nature’s really express the word "dusk" and what happens at this time of day. Overall I am really pleased with the final outcome of my posters I feel like they show my interpretation of what happens at Dusk very well.


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